either that was a firework or another tribute is dead 

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'Would losing me even be a loss?'
— (All I wonder)
this is rly late but I'm the anon that has had a crush on the same guy for 3 years and he used to like me the first year i liked him (but I had no idea until later) and then i think he just moved on and sometimes he's a little flirty but mostly just doesn't talk to me bc he's shy and I'm shy so is difficult but dear god I want to go to homecoming with him so badly but I don't think he'll ask me
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it’s never too late, my friend. 

I repeat:


to be honest, (and I know next to nothing about this situation and you guys) it sounds like there could be a real chance!


having dogs is 10x more rewarding than children dogs never hate you or have a scene phase

what did u have for dinner
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honey nut cheerios wbu

I like to imagine in vivid detail the best ways to kill my friends
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well uhm

i will think of it as a fresh start. thank you so much. you are an amazing person you know -R
- asked by Anonymous

you’re very welcome! ha not close but thank you x come back anytime -on or off anon :)

yeah youre right, i guess im just feeling apprehensive because everything has been really shitty lately. but thank you, you genuinely made me feel a little better about this. -R
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THAT’S PERFECT (well no not perfect but you know what I mean) because now you have to think of it as a fresh start.  keep all that shitty stuff in year 17 and think of turning 18 as a big turning point (because well, it is) xx

i dont really know how to explain it but i hate the fact that everyones attention will be focused on me for a day and people will actually acknowledge me and wish me a happy birthday. id rather just not be noticed and go on with my day. -R
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(thank god i have a twin to split the attention with) but aw it’s not that bad! you just need to remember there is nothing wrong with people celebrating you, they are genuinely happy for you and everything you got through in the past year -try to enjoy at least some of it and don’t think of it as some creepy centered celebration, more like a reflection day, I guess?

hi birthday anon here, if you dont mind me asking whens your brothers birthday? mine is on the 15th of september :)
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ha aww his is aug 31st :( you guys coulda matched

why are you dreading your birthday though?

is it weird to dread the fact that your birthday is coming up? cause mine is in 18 days and i dont want it to be my birthday. i feel like a weirdo
- asked by Anonymous

ha no it’s not weird some people don’t like celebrating birthdays.  weird my brother’s 18th birthday is really soon, too! (although idk i think he’s excited) i’m not a huge birthday person either